MTN Data Plan in Nigeria - Prices and Code

In this article, we are going to be guiding you on how to transfer data fom MTN to MTN. You can share data with your friends family and loved ones.

MTN data share is available to users on MTNTopUP, Pay As You Go and MTNChoice migrants

How To Transfer Data From MTN to MTN

If you want to share data on MTN, all you need to do is to follow the instructions below:

  • On your device, dial *131*2*1# or text REG to 131. This will enable you to register for MTN data Share.
  • You will then recieve a unique security PIN. You will need to change the PIN to a PIN of your choice. To do so dial g*131*2*5# or by texting Change OLD_PIN NEW_PIN NEW_PIN to 131.
  • Once you have changed your PIN, you will then need to add beneficiaries to your MTN bundle account. You can do that by dialing *131*2*2# or by texting Add <MSISDN> <PIN> to 131
  • After adding your beneficiary, you can now share your available data bundle by dialing *131*2*3#. or send Share <PIN> to 131
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