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If you are a smart phone owner, you would know that Whatsapp is probably the best mobile app to install on your device. It is an instant messaging app, video sharing, pictures and location and much more. We have definitely been waiting for the new trend that has definitely been going on among messaging app which is the Whatsapp video call. We would be happy to announce to you that the whatsapp video call download is definitely available for you.

Just like Skype and Facebook you can video call and go live on Whatsapp.

Activate Whatsapp Video Call on your Device

To make use of the Whatsapp video call app you just need to have the beta version of Whatsapp. Without stress you can enjoy the Whatsapp video call download.


Download Whatsapp Video Call on Your Mobile Device

Click Here to download on Android device

Click Here to download on iOS device

Click Here to download on Windows Phone


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Whatsapp Video Call on Desktop/PC – Download Whatsapp Video Call on PC

To make use of Whatsapp Video Call on your Desktop or PC you need to make use of an Android Emulator. Bluestacks happens to be the best Android Emulator so far.

To make use of the App on your PC follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download and Install Bluestacks on Your PC

Step 2: Launch Bluestacks on your PC and follow the instructions to configure it on your device.

Step 3: On your Bluestacks Open your Play Store

Step 4: On the play store search for Whatsapp

Step 5: Download Whatsapp and enjoy your the Whatsapp video call messenger


Recently Whatsapp is offering a standalone app for Windows 10 and Mac users.

Download Whatsapp for Windows 10 / Mac

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